Prework Testing

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What is a Prework Test (PT Test)? 

A Prework Test (PT Test) is a series of tasks designed to assess a worker’s ability to perform physical or other demands of a job for which he/she has been hired. Prework testing should only be administered after the selected candidate has accepted a conditional job offer.

What is the main reason an employer would want to use prework testing in the workplace?

The primary reason is to hire workers who can physically and safely do the required tasks of the job.

Are there other benefits to using prework testing in the workplace?

Yes. Other benefits to the organization include:

  • Demonstration and promotion of fair hiring practices
  • Promotion of safe job assignments and performance throughout the workplace
  • Reduction in frequency and severity of work-related injuries
  • Use of objective job-related information in managing injury and return to work situations
  • Improvement of work efficiency (by placing the right worker in the right job)
  • Increased worker morale through participation in the prework screening process

Prework testing is also helpful in case an employee is injured on the job. The information collected during the prework testing process can be used as a baseline that allows the employer (and medical providers) to review the actual physical demand strength the employee possessed as a new hire. Prework testing results can also be used to assess an injured worker’s physical abilities when returning to work from an injury or illness. Using the same criteria for new hires, the employer can confirm that the returning worker is “fit for duty” after recovery and rehabilitation. Source

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