Exercise — Keeping Up with Your Grandchildren!

“My grandchildren run me around a lot,” says Irene, age 66. “I’m not complaining. But to keep up with them, I have to exercise every day. I want to be ready for those guys.”

Irene knows that one of the greatest benefits of exercise is being able to do the things you love. Being active with those special young ones in your life can mean extra time to develop shared interests. Start being active together when your grandchildren are young. Pretty soon, it will be a regular part of your life and theirs!

If you’re the grandparent of a baby or toddler, you can still be active together. Push the stroller around the neighborhood or to the park. Play games that get your bodies moving – rolling a ball on the floor can be fun and active. Sign up for baby yoga or baby-friendly swimming classes.

School-aged children are always on the go. Walk to the park together and push their swing. Go to the pool or ride bikes ride together. Play catch, kickball, basketball, or soccer. Play a video fitness game together and see who wins!

If you’re not quite sure how to be active with a teen or young adult grandchild, find out what activities they enjoy. Try hiking, fishing, skating, or tennis. Go golfing or swimming. Ask them to help you in the yard or with heavy-duty household chores.